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Trade Fair Appearance „Schweißen & Schneiden 2023“


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An integrated trade fair concept: from visuals and messaging to storytelling at the stand, and appropriate architectural design, right through to the final touches when setting up on site

The task - Interactive trade fair stand

Lincoln Electric is one of the world's leading companies in the fields of welding, cutting and automation, renowned for its "Total Welding Solutions". The company’s broad expertise in a wide range of solutions - from equipment to accessories and consumables to automation know-how and own solution centers - was to be showcased at the international trade fair "Schweißen & Schneiden 2023" in Essen. The goal was to develop an interactive and digital trade fair appearance with a clear, purist design and a small number of physical products, resembling the character of a “flagship store” thus clearly distinguishing itself from competitors.

The solution - The consistent, digital approach

During development of our communication concept, the focus was on Lincoln Electric as a solution provider. This message was the driver factor behind the interactive exhibition stand, presenting global, complete solutions using selected innovative technologies for specific requirements. No trade fair is complete without a compelling brand story: architecture and stand design went hand in hand to tell a story that made the deep understanding of a problem, as a prerequisite for effective solutions, tangible. This approach aligned with the existing slogan "Understanding Drives Solutions".

SO_ let's get going!

The key visual picks up on the brand story and visualizes the diversity in Lincoln Electric's portfolio. Various topics such as energy, transport, construction or offshore, are merged in a collage, demonstrating that welding & cutting reaches into very many areas that make our modern everyday life possible. They all have specific requirements for which optimal solutions must be found and continuously improved. The typography underlines the importance of deep understanding and, with the use of the brand color red, draws attention to the central role that solutions play in this process. The abbreviation "SO_" originates from the word Solutions and runs through the entire communication concept - both as the main message as well as a call to action. The animated key visual was used on multiple levels -  as a screen saver on touchscreens, in the online content and as an important part of the Lincoln Electric video that was playing on the LED wall. Digital marketing actions such as Instagram teasers, Stories and LinkedIn posts rounded out the communications concept.

Key Visual animated

“Understanding Drives Solutions” implemented as an animated key visual.


To realize the flagship store feeling, we placed a reduced exhibition stand design and the color white at the center of attention. The color concept was selectively broken up by the red in the typography and on the carpet in the lounge area. The inviting seating area in the middle of the open exhibition stand added a warm component to the cool minimalist flair and allowed visitors to relax: with monochrome red seating niches and low seating furniture.


Impressive design: bold, modern, forward-looking

Covering 380 sqm, the island stand featured 7 stations - and therefore 7 solutions - from the world of Lincoln Electric's product and service portfolio. We went the digital route in the presentation and designed clean, interactive exhibits with a small amount of physical products and no brochures. The numbered steles were equipped with touchscreens, making information, applications and product solutions experienceable as videos, presentations or interactive apps. Just a select-few products with particularly exciting features were placed at the stations, such as the welding cobot, the long-stick-out welding head, and a laser welding solution. Meeting rooms, technology and catering were in a supply and utility corpus in an understated black. Together with the digital staging, the result was an ultra-modern, technoid trade fair stand that provided long-distance impact with a 6-metre-high LED wall and carried the Lincoln Electric brand beyond the boundaries of the stand with video messages and striking branding.


From storytelling and messaging to stand architecture and on-site finishing touches

With the strategic decision to develop a state-of-the-art booth with minimalist design, we were able to portray Lincoln Electric as a pioneer and market leader that clearly stands out from the competition.

Peter Thavonat




Consistent communication across all channels - before, during and after the fair


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