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The Power of Magna – IAA Mobility 2021




An integrated trade fair concept with a 360° approach, designed and implemented cross-medially to make the Magna brand fully tangible, bringing together innovative solutions with a live digital experience.

The requirement

As a system partner and one of the world's largest automotive suppliers, Magna has positioned itself as an innovation hub with state-of-the-art simultaneous engineering methods and highly automated production processes with a unique total vehicle expertise. The company has a wide range of answers to the challenges of the evolving world of mobility. Consequently, knowledge transfer for all stakeholders was at the forefront of the communication requirements.

The IAA Mobility 2021 in Munich is the largest mobility event in the world. An international super event for the automotive industry. Over 6 days around 400,000 attendees and 3,500 journalists from 95 countries attend the event. It was the perfect platform for Magna to be able to interact with the target group once again after the pandemic forced a break in trade fairs, and to present its visions for the future and its innovations to a wide audience. Future-proof solutions consolidate the company's positioning as a globally active technology and production partner. The task was to generate dialog and interaction and to provide proof by means of real exhibits and examples and to design a Magna trade fair stand that top managers and decision-makers representing the customers would see as “the place to be”.

The solution

We acted as a strategic advisor and a general contractor for our client. We designed and implemented an integrated trade show concept with a 360° approach that brought the Magna brand fully to life: an integrated communications concept, core messages, trade show architecture and staging, a microsite, online marketing activities, a hybrid event, installations, video productions and animations. Our visual concept ranged from architecture to all other touchpoints and our cross-media staging linked all channels.

Impressive and inviting from the very first moment.

The architecture: Imposing, two-story, 400m2. We were able to create a mix of an exhibition parcour and information space. The innovation and product roadmap was aligned with megatrends and customer strategies, and represented the four categories: Eco Innovation, Driver Assistance, Distinction & Experience and New Mobility. The press conference - both at the booth and broadcast via livestream - was exceptionally well attended, reflecting the generally high level of interest in the booth. The exhibit and the technology tour (also streamed live) were also very well received, with excellent feedback both internally and externally. In addition, our digital team also implemented a comprehensive, digital communication concept. All in all, an experience- and result-rich execution.


Communicating innovations interactively

A trade fair experience with a wow effect: The focus of the exhibition course was a real drive platform from an Electric Vehicle (EV) platform - a technical highlight providing a unique point of interaction.

The requirement

The task was to develop a system for employees that would enable them to present solutions for current and future vehicle concepts in a comprehensive and clearly understandable way - both in one-on-one discussions and in small groups.

The solution

Using unique interactive and augmented reality installations, multimedia innovation experiences were coupled with an AR Experience, and videos were shown in which animation and the real world merge. The EV platform was presented on a turntable 9 meters in diameter – an eye-catching trade fair experience of a special kind: three 70-inch touchscreens installed in kiosk systems with high-performance cameras showed different 3D animated functions in AR in real time - from data streams to aerodynamics simulations to different drive variants, vehicle silhouettes and seat configurations. As if that wasn't enough, visitors were able to interactively access additional content such as 360-degree views and videos.


With the help of AR, companies can communicate and interact with their customers very efficiently and on a deeper level. Content becomes an experience and easy to understand when the boundaries between the physical and the digital experience merge.




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