LINZ AG drinking water video


Potable water conservation regions


Location scouting, actor casting/selection, props, copywriting, direction, cutting, post production


Boasting more than 1000 hectares, the municipal potable water conservation areas of Linz provide an important resource for the city’s inhabitants.  Not only do they guarantee the availability of drinking water for 400,000 residents, they also provide an important natural and nearby recreation area and contribute to a healthy urban climate in Linz. The film and other activities aim to emotionally communicate the high value of these municipal conservation areas to anchor it long term in the awareness of residents.


In a film developed for the LINZ AG by SPS MARKETING, an emotional story was recounted from the perspective of children: They describe how their neighbor, on behalf of the LINZ AG, is taking care of the municipal potable water conservation regions. They accompany him through the day, the forest, the job and nature by narrating stories and through their drawings. Ultimately, they express their justified pride in what has been achieved. In closing, they laud it with a very special children’s drawing. 

Emotional presentation of the storyline from the children’s perspective and in their drawings.

Sustainable, authentic actual scenes in open nature.

This film is basically a teaser that highlights the highly emotional, everyday story of a neighborhood. The children tell the rest of the story in their own, authentic but also warning manner. The entire story subsequently automatically evolves in the head. As a result, in a charming manner, awareness of the relevance of clean forests and water is generated. The LINZ AG merely assumes the role of the sender.

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Senior Account Executive


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