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The Backstory

The WorldSkills Competitions are globally recognized as the top standard for excellence in the world of professions. This event brings together the most skilled professionals in their respective fields to measure their abilities. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, the WorldSkills Shanghai 2022 competition had to be cancelled. However, a special edition was held in its place. In a first-of-its-kind format, rather than in a centralized location, competitions were held in 15 different destinations worldwide from September 7 to November 26, 2022.

The Event

Lincoln Electric, a globally leading company in welding, cutting, and automation, renowned for its 'Total Welding Solutions', held the qualifications #10 Welding and #42 Construction Metal Work from October 17 to 20, 2022, at its own Welding Technology & Training Center (WTTC) in Cleveland, USA. With its state-of-the-art infrastructure for welding and cutting education and training, the WTTC located at the worldwide headquarters of Lincoln Electric was the perfect venue for the competition. The event attracted more than 300 participants from 28 countries. SPS MARKETING had the amazing opportunity to plan and design the entire media appearance for this thrilling welding world championship.

The Mission

We had less than three months to create and the implement various communication channels needed for a top-tier, international event that would attract highly motivated young people from around the world. The competitors were ready to commit themselves to excellence, it was our job to set the stage. The WorldSkills 2022 served as a trial by fire for us. But the great atmosphere surrounding the weld-championship and the powerful concept behind it inspired and drove us to completely re-design the competition in a target group-oriented way. From the first invitation to the videos, giveaways, and presentations, we created the entire global communication for the event in a unified, young, and lively concept. Our claim, "Meet the Best of the Best. Building the future," encapsulated the event's exceptional atmosphere, intense preparation, and incredible motivation. It was the perfect platform for the best of the best.

The Visuals / The Avatars

Inspired by competitive online gaming tournaments, we created a range of avatars with a dynamic and futuristic look. This design visually captures the powerful and ambitious spirit of both the event and the competitors, who rely on technical advancements and a future-oriented approach to continually better themselves. Decked out in “techwear” our avatars are an acknowledgment to the commitment to blending of modern, man-made materials with advanced construction techniques, creating new forms of functionality.

The Media

The extensive communication strategy went beyond the event itself and encompassed various marketing activities, media coverage, merchandising, branding, and on-site support. Our aim was to create a youthful, distinctive WorldSkills experience that was thrilling, attention-grabbing, and inspiring. We wanted to energize everyone and create a World Championship unlike any other.


The Implementation

To assist in the campaign's implementation, our team of designers and marketing experts - Peter Thavonat, Tamara Grünzweil, and Norbert Schrangl - traveled directly to Cleveland, Ohio. There they experienced the event's incredible atmosphere firsthand and used the opportunity to perfect their welding technique in the downtime.

The Memories

An impressive, interactive cord installation in the lobby of the WTTC will serve as a reminder of the unique event in the future. Our idea was to have visitors and competition participants answer a selection of simple questions using a long string of colorful cords. The result is fantastic and makes the power and determination that drove the WorldSkills 2022 accessible on a daily basis.

We had the privilege of designing WorldSkills 2022 from scratch, which was a fantastic opportunity to create an experience so powerful and dominating it would leave participants and visitors fired up and ready to experience a world championship like no other.

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