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Storyboard, 3D animations, location scouting, model selection and styling, direction, shoot, cut, post production


SPS MARKETING was commissioned to develop and produce an image film for the Magna Steyr target group New Entrants. The objective was to make the business model of the electric car platform of Magna Steyr the focus. The film was implemented “movie style,” featuring a fictitious customer who wants to make his own e-SUV road ready with the assistance of Magna Steyr. The film accompanies this project from the initial idea to series production. In conjunction with this, all relevant milestones of the complete vehicle competency of Magna Steyr are to be rendered visual and emotionally perceivable. The movie was produced for the digital CES in January 2021. The modular structure makes it possible to not only use a short and long version, but also individual modules, e.g. for social media clips.


Strong images, impressive messages and an interactive dialog between the customer a fictitious Magna Steyr representative were the focal features of the film. The action was interspersed with high end 3D animations of cars or scenes from the production. It virtually worked at the “snap of a finger” and was impressively produced at the Ars Electronica Center in Linz. The shoot at this venue was only possible because of the ad hoc closure of the museum due to COVID-19.

From Ideas to Reality

At the Ars Electronica Center, complete vehicle models including their drive systems in 3D model format were animated on a 16 x 9 m spanning projection on the wall. Actual and virtual images were also projected to the floor on which the actors are standing. For this, existing data models, such as the Magna Concept Car were used.

Everything in the room interacts with the two protagonists. The entire space was turned into a unique interaction to create the respective awareness of the Magna Steyr business model and to generate interest in additional information.

The shoot at the Ars Electronica Center in Linz.

In this movie we also want to show how quickly Magna Steyr attains the goals of the customer thanks to ultra-modern virtual engineering tools. It was a steep curve for our 3D Motion Department to maneuver through. It actually made this process a literal virtual experience. It was produced in a record time of just eight weeks – from the initial briefing to the finished video. And this happened during the COVID-19 era with all resulting hurdles, including those that arose during the shoot.

Gerhard Preslmayer

Senior Advisor to the Board


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