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Development of an apprentice campaign including a modular trade fair system, 24-sheet posters, advertisements, flyers, information brochure, social media posts, website, school posters and various giveaways such as sports bags, highlighter pens and lunch boxes.

The Task: Apprenticeship Campaign for Young People with Attitude

Greiner AG, based in Kremsmünster (Upper Austria), is a leading global provider of plastic and foam solutions, bundling its expertise across three divisions in various industries. With Greiner Packaging, NEVEON and Greiner Bio-One, the global corporate group operates in the fields of medical technology and life sciences, plastic packaging, and foam solutions. To support apprentice recruitment, a joint apprenticeship campaign was to be developed for all three operating divisions, commissioned by the Greiner Training Centre. Faced with the challenge of finding suitable apprentices in a highly competitive market, the global player wanted to draw attention to its innovative company and its consistent sustainability strategy with a fresh, youthful approach. The aim was to position apprenticeships at Greiner as the best career choice for young people in the region and to generate enthusiasm for technical apprenticeships.

The Solution: Playing with Ambiguity

With the core message of the apprenticeship campaign "What's in you? Show what you're made of! Your apprenticeship at Greiner", we focus on the freedom apprentices at Greiner can use for personal development, the company’s attitude and also its product world. It is aimed at young people who bring their own personality and team spirit into the workplace and, as agile individuals, value a high degree of freedom. However, it is also about promoting what you are really good at and what you enjoy. The campaign slogan aligns with the company's existing employer branding claim “#ShapeYourOwnStory”, which already addresses an agile mindset.


Modern imagery & nostalgic color moods: With its lightness in visual expression, the apprenticeship campaign conveys the space for individual personality and a high degree of freedom.



Apprentices Show What They’re Made Of!

The visualization of the communication concept uses subjects that show both the inner world of the apprentices as well as everyday situations and product worlds from the apprenticeships. The hand-drawn black and white drawings reveal the fantastic world that lies within the apprentices and the story that they themselves can write at Greiner. The element of the hand holding a piece of paper in front of the models, thus revealing what is inside them, enables us to break up the clear boundary to the white outer edge of the visuals, opening them up and creating attention and excitement. The open, flowing form of the illustrations corresponds with the theme of the visuals, the mood characterised by a lightness reminiscent of snapshots and polaroids. Products found in many everyday situations serve as a common thread for the three company divisions.


Apprentice coach as a concept: We simplify the application process through the website - apprentices only need to enter their contact details and a Greiner coach will call them back.

Successful Employer Presentation

The apprenticeship campaign is rolled out through both analogue and digital channels, with the visuals being used as 24-sheet posters, advertisements, flyers and school posters. The concept is not designed as an annual campaign. It can be used in the long term and incorporated into new campaigns at any time. As part of the overall campaign, the communication concept was brought to life with the development of a modular trade fair system at Austria's largest careers information fair, “Jugend & Beruf” in Wels. An information brochure targets future skilled workers and parents, providing information about the apprenticeships. The campaign is also integrated into the website and social media platforms in conjunction with existing content such as short videos featuring the company's own apprentices. Whilst designing the website, we developed the concept of the apprentice coach to simplify the application process: Apprentices only need to leave their contact details on the website and will be called back by a Greiner coach.


'What's in you?' A successful employer presentation: The implementation of a modular trade fair system makes the communication concept a personal experience for apprentices.

Apprentice magazine

Discover our world of apprentices offline: Information full of prospects and opportunities for your professional future!


In this apprentice campaign, we focus on authenticity to achieve long-term success - by emotionally charging not only the agile attitude of Greiner AG, but also its consistent sustainability strategy, which can be proven with measurable facts.

Gerhard Preslmayer

Senior Advisor to the Board & Certified Employer Branding Manager


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