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Development of an animated 3D product video, storyboard, 3D animation, film editing, concept, story development

The Challenge – Off-Road capability on any terrain

Magna Powertrain is a global leader in the development, integration and industrialization of innovative and efficient all-wheel and 4x4 systems. With its innovative electrification portfolio and EtelligentDrive-systems, Magna is setting new standards. The new EtelligentTerrain drive solution is a battery-electric 4WD drive system that enables full off-road performance of real off-road vehicles on any terrain and uncompromising on-road and off-road capability with constant payload and traction. To highlight the high performance of this drive system and make it tangible, a compelling film was to be developed for the marketing and sales teams, explaining the technical details quickly and easily.

The solution – Hyper-Realistic 3D animation

To visualize EtelligentTerrain, we developed a top-tier product video that hyper-realistically brings to life the immense off-road capability and functionality of the battery-electric 4WD drive system through technical 3D animation. Through 3D simulation, we can replicate various driving situations in which an off-road vehicle showcases its high-performance capacity and reliability in winter and desert settings. Extreme off-road conditions can also be experienced in the three-dimensional space, demonstrating the vehicle's excellent adaptation to them. Using a Jeep Gladiator as a demo vehicle, meticulously textured in 3D to the smallest detail, we use the physically accurate representation to make the real driving behavior on various surfaces visible, demonstrating its agility and durability.


Video animation: Revelaing hidden features

In this product film, we create complete 3D environments, integrate 3D objects in real footage, and achieve a unique reality effect through elaborate texturing. The resulting driving scenes are indistinguishable in their aesthetics from reality. The underlying music, elaborate 3D camera movements, and a mix of wide shots and close-ups provide an intense emotional appeal and effect. The transparent representation of the animated off-roader allows for an extremely detailed representation of the hidden drive system, enabling us to depict individual components and even the slightest movement within the drive. The vehicle simulation makes it easy to explain the functionality in a comprehensible manner, something that couldn’t have been captured in a live-action film. The challenge of the film is to make the transition from the technical world to the real world as realistic as possible. Rendering with lifelike precision impressively translates complex technology, resulting in an impactful and emotionally charged film for automobile manufacturers that effectively conveys the high standard of EtelligentTerrain. This film achieves very high level of intensity and expressiveness without the need for voice-over – which is what makes this film so special.

A visual experience of a new kind!

Holistic immersion isn’t solely achieved though technical know-how and specialized tools – our experience and aesthetic sensibility make super-realistic 3D simulations of this kind possible.

Fascinating 3D animation:
Reconstruction of reality, recreated down to the smallest detail and indistinguishable from reality.

In this film, we’ve made the illusion invisible – using 3D animation to achieve a super-realistic, new aesthetic in product visualisation.

Wolfgang Leitner

Motion design



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