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Development of a recruiting campaign, including a claim, key visuals, photoshoot, video shoot, mini-folder, online marketing campaigns, influencer campaign, and short films.

The task - Recruitment Marketing in Upper Austrian style

Business Upper Austria – Upper Austria business agency (Biz-Up) - is Upper Austria’s location agency, tasked with developing and securing Upper Austria as a business location. The goal was to communicate the economic region as an attractive and inviting place to live, in order to attract international skilled professionals and students and retain them long-term. The existing challenges were that most students leave the province after graduation and that Upper Austrian companies in the STEM fields (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) struggle to find enough skilled workers, despite the fact that they are highly welcomed from abroad. Additionally, the diverse range of services offered by Business Upper Austria was not widely known and was therefore underutilized.

The solution - The most beautiful country in the world!

We developed a recruiting campaign based on the idea of portraying Upper Austria as the greatest place to study, work and spend your free time. It aims to make students and professionals, both in Upper Austria as well as abroad, aware of the advantages of the region as a place to live and work, and to promote the services provided by Biz-Up. The claim "uppgrade your life" delivers a clear message: anyone who decides to work and live in Upper Austria is giving their life a clear "uppgrade", because the outstanding job and career opportunities meet a quality of life that is second to none!

Strong visual language & extensive service

We developed visuals for ads and posters that combine the best of both worlds for both target groups – students and professionals. We  worked with authentic models for the photoshoot, who had moved from abroad to Upper Austria to live and work. Through the image design, and coordinated texts and headlines, we implemented the Uppgrade visually, merged work and study worlds with leisure activities such as skiing or tennis and showcased what great companies and universities the province has to offer. Additionally, we leveraged the style and colour scheme to harness the power of existing campaigns and statements related to Upper Austria and the Welcome2Upper Austria Service Center.

The mini-folder specifically highlights W2UA’s various services and provides an overview of the offering for both target groups as well as businesses. The mini-folder, in a handy, foldable format, is used at marketing fairs and serves as basic information material, with detailed content available on the website.


Image that combine the best designs


Authentic influencer - Amy from our SPS MARKETING team.

The content from the recruiting campaign provides the perfect template for image placements and text for both the website optimization and the social media campaign we implemented. To reinforce the core message, the campaign features a special testimonial: Amy, an employee at SPS MARKETING, is from America. Having come to Upper Austria to study and work, the region has become her second home. This makes her the perfect authentic influencer for the campaign: she is not only one of the models in the visuals, but is also featured in the video and actively involved in the content of the accompanying social media campaign, with which we implement the campaign goals online.


Clear recruitment marketing:


In order to increase the number of job applications received by the companies, two image videos were developed and produced for students and professionals, which are integrated into the campaign and published online.


Coherent visual language creates added value


Capturing attention with positive images & emotions

social media

Synergy of organic and paid media


As a Linz-based agency, our heart beats for Upper Austria! The shortage of skilled workers is not a distant statistic for us, but a real challenge that we know first-hand. That's why the success of this campaign is of the utmost importance to us, not only professionally but also personally. As a native of Upper Austria, I consider myself fortunate to live in a region that has so much vibrancy and inspiration to offer.




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